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GARBA at St.Xaviers High School (APX)

I take this opportunity to invite all my JAAI friends alongwith family members to participate in the GARBA on the St.Xaviers High School grounds ( Ahmedabad ) on 1st October 2011. This is our showcase annually held cultural event, where we have crowds in excess of 10,000 people, which includes Students, Staff, Alumni members, Friends and Guests, a family affair. The APX and the School host this event and it begins at 7.30pm till midnight.

St.Xaviers High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad - Garba 2012

Dear Friends,

I take this opportunity to invite you ,along with family and friends, to participate in our APX Garba on 20th Oct 2012 Sat,7 pm to midnight. This Cultural program is an annual event undertaken by APX and St.Xaviers High school Loyola Hall Ahmedabad, attended by almost 13000 people which includes APX members,Staff,Students,Friends and Management. APX gives free entry to all Students, and members, and contributes almost Rs 5 Lac to the School from this Event. So all of you do come and enjoy our Garba, and APX hospitality.

Independence Day Football

Jesuit rivalries are re-lived every independence day between the alumni of St. Mary's ISC (Mazagaon), Holy Family HS (Andheri) and the hosts St. Stanislaus HS (Bandra)

Come and enjoy the fellowship with fellow Jesuit alumni

8th JAAI National Congress 2017

The culturally vibrant and scenically beautiful capital of Jharkhand. Its people are simple-hearted, caring and affectionate. Jharkhandis worship nature.

Ranchi is graced with nature’s bountiful blessings of waterfalls, forests and wild life. It is a seat of learning, having the best of all : from elementary education to secondary education to the most prestigious and accomplished Engineering, Management, Medical and Law Schools of the country. It has a cosmopolitan population and culture. It can safely boast of the highest density of engineers in the country.

GARBA nights St.Xaviers College Alumni Association (TOXA)

The St.Xaviers College Alumni Association (TOXA ) are having their GARBA nights on 4th and 5th of October.

Public Lecture:"India in the World" by Ashley Tellis

St. Xavier's College and its Advisory Board of eminent alumni are pleased to announce a PUBLIC LECTURE, "India in the World", by alumnus Ashley Tellis, on the 6th of December 2012, at 6.00 pm in the College Heritage Campus. The lecture will be followed by dinner and fellowship. Details about registration will follow in a few days. This email comes with a request to SAVE THE DATE!

For those who are not in Mumbai or cannot make it convenient to join us, this message is attempting to keep you informed of what's happening at your Alma Mater.

Gandhi Jayanti blood donation drive

As part of Gandhi Jayanti celebrations this year, Jesuit alumni across India will come together for a blood donation drive that will be held at each JAAI member organization on October 2nd, 2011 between 9am and 5pm.

Let us live our motto "To give and not to count the cost"

VOBA AGM -24th Sept 2011

15th AGM of VOBA is being held at the Fr.Oesch Hall, St.Vincent's High School, Pune on Saturday 24th September 2011 at 7 pm. This will be preceded by elections to the Executive Committee. For Notice of meeting and agenda visit www.vobapune.com

APX Silver Jubilee

The Association of Past Xavierites, ( APX ), the alumni association of the St.Xaviers High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad, is celebrating its SILVER JUBILEE year in 2013. The APX was formed on 30th January 1988. The 16 founder members were the school Principal Rev.Fr.O.Coutinho SJ, Rev.Fr.Morondo SJ, Rev.Fr.C.Dias, and 13 Ex-students: Ms.Rupal Shah, Ms.Komal Shah, Ms.Kavita Mehta, Vijay Bhatia, Rajiv Sharma, Vedprakash Agrawal, Negi Gulzar, Vinod Shah, Donald Marks, Bihari Chabria, K. Thyagrajan, Amar Gargesh and Devang Shah. Salute and kudos to these pioneers.

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the members of the St. Mary’s Alumni Association. Those who are members and are interested in helping the association are requested to attend. The information has been posted to members. Incase you are not a member kindly contact: