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Holy Family Alumni Football Tournament

The Event:The HyFyXs, (the recently adopted abbreviation for)  Holy Family High School Ex-Students Association, organised a Football tournament exclusively for the alumni of HFHS on 14th of August, 2011 on the school grounds. This is the second edition.

Inauguration of St. Stanislaus High School Sesquicentenary/150 year’s celebrations

The inauguration of the year long sesquicentenary/150 year’s celebrations of St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra will be held on July 31st 2012, the feast day of St.

JAAI West Zone Congress 2016

Venue: Pedro Arrupe Institute, St. Xavier's Street, Damon (East) Raia, Goa, India

Program Details awaited

Britto's Valerio Carvalho Memorial quiz quest -3

The association of alumni of St. Britto High School, Mapusa-Goa, together with the School, will conduct BRITTO'S VAL CARVALHO MEMORIAL QUIZ QUEST-3 the General Knowledge Quiz competition focused on GOA [history, geography, biodiversity, culture, language, cuisine, politics, current affairs, personalities, etc] in the school hall on Saturday 17 SEPTEMBER, 2011 from 10.00 A.M. onwards. The competition is open to school students up to SSC only. There is no Question Bank.

Annual Parents Day

The Jesuit Management, Principal, Staff and Students of St. Xavier's High School Kolhapur have the pleasure in inviting you for the Annual Parents Day on 6th October 2012 at 5pm in the School Hall.

JAAI West Zone Congress 2016


Loyola Ex-students Assocation (LESA) in collaboration with the Federation of Alumni/aeAssociations of India (JAAI) which is the apex body of all Alumni/ae Associations of Jesuit Educational Institutions in India is organizing the JAAI West Zone Congress 2016 in Goa as the Goa Province has been conferred the honour of organizing the same on 21st and 22nd May 2016. The Congress will be attended by delegates who are the Alumni/ae of various Jesuit educational institutions in the Gujarat, Bombay, Pune and Goa Jesuit Provinces.


GARBA at St.Xaviers High School (APX)

I take this opportunity to invite all my JAAI friends alongwith family members to participate in the GARBA on the St.Xaviers High School grounds ( Ahmedabad ) on 1st October 2011. This is our showcase annually held cultural event, where we have crowds in excess of 10,000 people, which includes Students, Staff, Alumni members, Friends and Guests, a family affair. The APX and the School host this event and it begins at 7.30pm till midnight.

St.Xaviers High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad - Garba 2012

Dear Friends,

I take this opportunity to invite you ,along with family and friends, to participate in our APX Garba on 20th Oct 2012 Sat,7 pm to midnight. This Cultural program is an annual event undertaken by APX and St.Xaviers High school Loyola Hall Ahmedabad, attended by almost 13000 people which includes APX members,Staff,Students,Friends and Management. APX gives free entry to all Students, and members, and contributes almost Rs 5 Lac to the School from this Event. So all of you do come and enjoy our Garba, and APX hospitality.

Independence Day Football

Jesuit rivalries are re-lived every independence day between the alumni of St. Mary's ISC (Mazagaon), Holy Family HS (Andheri) and the hosts St. Stanislaus HS (Bandra)

Come and enjoy the fellowship with fellow Jesuit alumni

8th JAAI National Congress 2017

The culturally vibrant and scenically beautiful capital of Jharkhand. Its people are simple-hearted, caring and affectionate. Jharkhandis worship nature.

Ranchi is graced with nature’s bountiful blessings of waterfalls, forests and wild life. It is a seat of learning, having the best of all : from elementary education to secondary education to the most prestigious and accomplished Engineering, Management, Medical and Law Schools of the country. It has a cosmopolitan population and culture. It can safely boast of the highest density of engineers in the country.