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Inauguration of Association of Past Xavierites office

The new APX (Association of Past Xavierites, St.Xaviers High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad) office was inaugurated on 16th Jan 2013. This wonderful facility is a gracious gesture by the school management and APX will make full and positive use of this facility. This new office is in the heart of the school building and in at a prime spot on the campus.

Various facilities like the new Computer room, New Conference room, 8th Standard classes (now shifted in the primary section), girls room were also inaugurated by various dignitaries and benefactors. Many APX members have contributed generously towards this new infrastructure. The gathering included staff members, students, management and APX members. The school students presented a program for the distinguished guests.

Batch of 1988 - St.Xaviers High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad

The batch of 1988 ( St.Xaviers High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad , Association of Past Xavierites, APX ) met up on Saturday, 5th January to celebrate their silver jubilee re-union.

Thank You for the Biggest Bond of Boys

Over 850 alumni along with past and present Teachers and Principals assembled on the School Background on 5th January 2013 to spend a few precious moments with friends and batchmates to relive their memories at St. Stanislaus High School. It was an evening when grown men became boys once again.

There was Class of 1988 easily recognizable with their self-made custom T-shirts just for the evening. There were alumni from as far back as 1942 to as recent as 2012 all sharing one passion “Proud to be a Stanislite”

You can view images of this glorious evening HERE

APX marches along with their school

The 78th Sports Day of St.Xaviers High School Loyola Hall ( Ahmedabad ) was held on Sunday, 9th December 2012 on the school grounds.

The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) marched along side the school dens and also took part in a 100 meters dash and a cycle race. Staff,Students,Alumni members,guests and the management were present in large numbers.

APX supports the school in many activities. The sports day is always special with alumni eagerly participating in marching practice which is held early morning for a week prior to the sports day. A large number of alumni turn out for the practice with dedication and nostalgia. Uniforms are planned and steps rehearsed, alumni members help in giving away prizes and medals, and on the track too. After the sports events the members join the staff and management for refreshments.
The meet started at 9 am and went on till well past noon.

TEXAS Surat - Golden Jubilee Gaurav Yatra

TEXAS (The Ex Students Association Surat, St.Xaviers Surat) celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 3rd December 2012 the Feast day of St.Francis Xavier. A total of 204 TEXAS members participated in the Golden Jubilee Gaurav Yatra. The Golden Jubilee gate was inaugurated by  TEXAS president Mr. Sanat Relia. A documentary film was presented on St.Xavier's School Surat.

Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) GARBA

The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) , the Alumni Association of the St.Xavier's High School Loyola Hall (Ahmedabad ) hosted its annual cultural event, the GARBA, to celebrate Navratri, on Saturday, 20th Oct.

Delhi Old Xaverian's Association Blood Donation Camp

Delhi Old Xaverian's Association successfully conducted a Blood Donation Camp on 7th October 2012. We were fortunate to have received a good response where about 50 donors participated in the event.

On 14th October 2012, we are organizing a Cricket & Basketball Match with alumni of Xavier’s Rohini (OXAR)- as an inter- alumni activity. Weshall post the photographs of the same asap.

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Blood donation drive - Patna

The St. Xavier's Alumni Association, Patna successfully conducted the annual blood donation camp on September 30, 2012 at the school. This was arranged in association with the Mahavir Cancer Institute, Patna and we are more than sure that this activity of ours will help many poor people who come to this institute for treatment of cancer. Around forty Alumni donated blood on this occasion.

A basketball match between the school team and the alumni team was held on 8-October-2012. The alumni once again proved their worth by defeating the school team with a huge margin. It was a festive atmosphere in the school and a number of our alumni joined the function.

St.Joseph's College, Bangalore Solar Powered

St. Joseph's College Bangalore is a Jesuit run College since 1872. As part of it's fight against Global warming the college has installed a 100 KW Solar Power system, a first of its kind in South India under the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar mission. The system consists of 432 solar photo-voltaic panels each with a capacity of 230 W peak and a 100KW Delta solar inverter.

Covering a roof area of 11,000 sq. ft. and weighing close to 20 tons the system powers all types of electric loads on campus from lights, laboratory equipment, air conditioners, elevators and water pumps. The system generates an average of 425 KWH daily.

As responsible citizens, St. Josephs College, Bangalore has made a commitment to fight global warming. The solar electric system will reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by 7600 Kg. per month and approximately 91,000 Kg. annually. During the 25 year life span of the solar electric system, the college hopes to reduce carbon emissions by 23 lakh Kg.

Governor releases Jesuit Economist’s book

By Koushik Hati Kolkata: The Governor of West Bengal had released a book on economics authored by the principal of a Jesuit college in the City of Joy. The Governor, M.K. Narayanan released the book, Disinvestment in India - Trends, Problems and Prospects, by Jesuit Father Felix Raj on Sept. 11, at the St Xavier’s College auditorium.

Fr Felix is the principal of Jesuit-run St Xavier’s College in Kolkata, and teacher of economics in the college. Calling the book “an extremely well conceived and a technically near perfect treatise”, the Governor suggested, “despite not being an easy read, the book should be made an essential read for under-graduate and post-graduate students of economics”.