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LESA (Loyola Ex-Students Association) Blood Donation Camp

LESA (Loyola Ex-Students Association) Blood Donation Camp held in the Loyola High School, Margao, Goa on 28th August 2016

The response was very good with 50 people attended the camp and 40 people donating blood.

APX v School football

APX versus school team, football match was practice time for the school team for the Times Claris 20-20 tournament , APX supports the school in its sports venture and progress. Match started at 8 am sharp.

The Association of Past Xavierites, APX played a practice match vs the school team and present were students of the school, management, staff and alumnus, another bonding exercise between all stakeholders of the institute.

APX Environment Day 2016

Association of past Xavierites (APX) members participated in Environment Day celebrations at St. Xavier's School Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad as part of World Environment Day. The Chief Guest was Mr Amam Shah of Gujarat Samachar, the largest selling dailuy in Gujarat

JAAG Independence Day Celebrations

APX ( Association of Past Xavierites, St Xavier's High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad ), TEXAS ( The ex Xavierites Association of Surat, St Xavier's Surat ) and EXAM ( ex Xavierites Association of Mandali , St Xavier's Mandali ) are some associations of Gujarat Province which have celebrated the Independence Day today, by having the traditional Flag Hoisting, and other sports and cultural events.

Happy Independence Day to all, let us all pledge to move forward in a United, cohesive and inclusive manner, and contribute our bit for this country. Our spirit should be evident for 365 days and the road map must be laid today to be followed for the rest of the year.

APX ( JAAG ) celebrates Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola

St. Xavier's High School Loyola Hall celebrated the Feast of St.Ignatius of Loyola (falling on 31 July) , APX members participated in a large number and won a 'battle' in the tug of war versus the younger and fitter students. Other events too were hosted and a large gathering comprising of students, alumni/ae, staff and management joined in the revelry.

An apt way to celebrate the Feast and also taking this opportunity to wish all Jesuits and everyone a Happy Feast!

APX Volleyball Tournament

The Association of Past Xavierites (APX) , Gujarat Province , hosted a volleyball tournament on the school volleyball court ( St. Xavier's High School Loyola Hall ). Members played from 7 pm to midnight, cheered on by family members, supported by the management and also present and participative were invited teams.

As the school breaks for the summer vacation, this was the last official APX event for this term and next is the AGM scheduled for the last week of May.

Earlier in the day, APX members were also present in a function organised by the management to bid farewell to a senior teacher Mrs. Rosario, retiring after 31 years, she started as a teacher and retired as a head mistress of the primary section. A noteworthy contribution by the SESA ( Shantiniketan ex students association ) in Zankhvav, rural Gujarat , is to run a Government school , effectively.


APX annual musical and dinner

The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) hosted the annual musical and dinner program yesterday 1 April. The performers were alumnus as well and the revellers included the management, staff, alumnus along with family members.

The evening started off at 6.30 pm and after the musical rendering, dinner was served. A large number of the Xavier's parivar enjoyed the proceedings, also present were 5 retired teachers , all over 88 years young and they were honoured. The alumni/ae always invites retired teachers over 80 along with all current staff, teaching, non teaching and ground staff included.

This is a great bonding platform for all stakeholders or collaborators which include the management, staff and alumnus, also students, parents and benefactors at relevant occasions.

APX Alumni vs Staff volleyball match

The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) , the alumni/ae association of the St. Xavier's High School Ahmedabad played a volleyball match versus the school staff team including the Principal and past PCA Fr. Durai. The match was watched by the students of the high school. The match was played at 8 am today morning and the alumni members had refreshments after the game.

This is an apt exercise in bonding between the alumnus, staff, students and management. Volleyball is an ongoing sports activity on the school grounds, the alumni and students play every evening and bond as well as exercise.

APX marches at school sports day

St.Xavier's High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad celebrated its 81st annual Sports Day today, Sunday 6th December, 9am to noon.

Along with the school dens, APX marched, right into the hearts of all spectators,also took part in a cycle race and a 100 meters dash, both kept exclusively for the alumnus.

A large contingent of APX members marched, and enjoyed the revelry. They also gave away prizes and were invited along with the staff and management for refreshments after the meet. APX, Association of Past Xavierites is the alumni association of St.Xavier's High School Loyola Hall, Gujarat Province.

APX Tree Plantation Drive

The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX, the alumni association of St.Xavier's High School Loyola Hall Ahmedabad ) carried out its Tree Plantation drive on the campus.

Many APX members participated in this program, encouraged by the Chairman and Principal Fr.Durai SJ.

Many trees were planted, many recollected their school days and spoke about their experiences as well as the importance of the trees. Refreshments were served after the trees were planted.

This is a JAAI initiative, along with the Blood Donation Drive.

This is also a bonding activity between the management, ground staff, alumni and young students playing on the ground.