APX Republic Day 2015

The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ), the alumni/ae association of the St.Xavier's High School, played a cricket match versus the alumni/ae association of a leading college in Ahmedabad, on 26th January, after the Flag Hoisting, on the St.Xavier's High School grounds. This is an annual event organized jointly by the 2 associations, one year the match is played on the St.Xavier's grounds, and the following year on the other Institute's grounds. Members of both the associations along with the students, staff and management participate in the Flag Hoisting, followed by the match. Breakfast and lunch are also served before and after the match and it is an ideal occasion and set up to celebrate the Republic Day. For the statistics, the scoreline reads 4-4 after 8 matches played on 26th January for the past 8 years. Besides the patriotic fervor, bonding and networking are also part of this event, along with the sports conscious alumni/ae members

APX participates in 80th School Sports Day

The St.Xavier's High School Loyola Hall ( Ahmedabad ) celebrated and held its 80th Sports Day on Sunday, 30th November. The event started at 9 am and went on till 12 noon. The athletes of the school showcased their skills and class in various heats and events, witnessed by thousands, comprising of students, staff, management, alumni members, parents, guests and benefactors.

Association of Past Xavierites (APX), Ahmedabad