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Anand Xaviers Alumni Association (AXAA)

The Anand Xavier's Alumni Association was formed in Anand, Gujarat Province , on Sunday 5th March 2017 , amidst a large attendance which included past Jesuit Principals, past PCA Fr Durai ( PCE now ) , JAAG President Darshan Jhaveri, immediate Past JAAI President Shapath Shah, the manager Fr Jerry Sequeira SJ who was former Provincial , current Jesuit management , staff and over 300 alumni/ae.

The program started with a prayer, inputs and information was shared and conveyed by the experienced personnel and many alumni shared their experiences too. The program included making a blueprint for future events/plans, how to join hands and move ahead in JAAG, West Zone, JAAI and WUJA, and the management had made elaborate arrangements for lunch too for all present , an amazing and productive morning it was.

APX Cricket 2017

APX played their annual cricket match versus the alumni of HL college, a premier college in Ahmedabad, this being the 10 th match, each year this match is an important event in the calendars of both associations , revelry , participation and networking along with fun and food adds to the flavour.

APX also is supporting a 2 night program hosted on HL college grounds, yesterday we had a musical evening and today is a performance by stand up comedians . Along with the efforts in the social and education areas, APX participates in sports and entertainment programs and creates a base for making new members, establishing relations with other associations and networking .

The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) has had a busy weekend and is constantly supporting its alma St Xavier's Loyola Hall.

APX participates in Sports Day 2016

The St. Xavier's High School Loyola hall hosted its 82nd Sports Day on Sunday, 4th December 2016. The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) took past in the march past, cycle race, 100 meters dash and also gave away the medals and certificates. After the meet, the management and Principal ( also the ex officio APX Chairman and Gujarat Province Coordinator ) Fr Charles invited the APX members for refreshments with the staff and referees and this was also a bonding exercise between the collaborators of the institute. Incidentally Fr Charles is also the ex officio Chairman of JAAG and is a dynamic leader instrumental in making Gujarat Province a strong and united unit in JAAI and society at large, both he and Fr Durai ( imm past PCA ) are responsible for these activities and bonding across Jesuit institutes in Gujarat.