About WUJA

World Union of Jesuit Alumni/ae is the parent body of all Jesuit alumni organizations around the world.The World Union of Jesuit Alumni (ae) was established on 31 July 1956 in Bilbao (Spain) during a congress held on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Saint Ignatius.


  1. To preserve and develop bonds of friendship, communication and solidarity among alumni/ae throughout the world
  2. To encourage alumni/ae to co-operate actively with the Society of Jesus in its various missions, particularly in education, spiritual life, community service and social justice.
  3. To help alumni/ae to stand by the education which they were given, based on Christian humanism and Ignatian spirit, above all so that they play their part, through their personal life and their social action, in the building of a world where persons can fulfil themselves with complete dignity; for this, to encourage them to address their minds to all issues of spiritual and moral life leading to personal and collective commitment.
  4. To offer alumni/ae the opportunity of continuing formation to help them to integrate their Ignatian obligations into their personal and professional lives.

Full membership of the Union is open to all associations of former students of educational institutions of the Society of Jesus or of Ignatian inspiration that accept these Statutes. Membership can be obtained either directly or through national groupings, federations or confederations. Individual membership of the Union is available to alumni/ae of the above educational institutions.