Fit4Education - Personal Fitness for Causes

Fit for Education (F4E) is a personal fitness program (walking and running) organized simultaneously across Jesuit alumni associations in the Bombay Province (JAAB). The program is timed to prepare ex-students participate in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) 2015. F4E is also a fund-raising program targeting causes mentioned below.

The program aims to help alumni with their personal fitness while participating in a common JAAB activity across the Jesuit Bombay Province. The program was launched on 31st July 2014.

The program will be run by Top Gear Fitness Group (TGFG) who will help train individuals in personal fitness through core strength training, yoga, stretching, running and hill training while preparing them to participate in races from 5K to marathons to the Comrades marathon.

TGFG will be conducting breakfast meetings at individual Jesuit institutions in the Bombay Province to spread the message of personal fitness while also explaining the requirements for running in the Mumbai marathon and the qualification requirements. Breakfast meetings will be hosted by individual associations at a convenient date and time. Individual Associations will be responsible for publicizing the event among its alumni and members. The first breakfast meeting was held at Holy Family High School, Andheri hosted by HyFyXs on July 6th 2014 at 11am.

Due to the rush of entries to participate in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) 2015 there are registration deadlines. Participation in the half-marathon (21.097 K) and full-marathon (42.195 K) require pre-race qualification timings. Details available here

Some upcoming races that will help you qualify for SCMM 2015 half-marathon:

The Jesuit alumni associations of Bombay province (JAAB) is piloting a set of causes to help alumni “give back” to society. The causes are shaped at the provincial level and each alumni association can chose how best to run these within their local alumni associations. Alumi associations are encouraged to collaborate so as to extract the maximum benefit of serving the causes. The funds raised and their use will be documented for open review on the JAAI West portal (

Women’s Empowerment:
Cover the cost of education incl. fees of the girl child to remain in school as well as for her higher education. In rural Maharashtra the girl child is often removed from school/college if the family faces economic hardship. The funds raised will support deserving students to pursue their goals for education.The costs vary depending on level of education, for eg a sum of ₹ 6000 will cover school tuition, boarding and lodging for 1 child for 1 year.

Developing athletes:
Cover costs for training and equipment for students displaying natural talent for track and field events. Rural Maharashtra boasts of some fine running talent. With the right training and proper equipment, these athletes can improve their performance substantially. Some of these individuals have also demonstrated a sense of stewardship by training other budding athletes. ₹ 5000-7000 can provide a pair of running shoes and gear. ₹ 6000-10,000 per year can cover costs for training, outfit, travel and registration for events.

BipinSatvi is a Jesuit alumnus studying at a Junior College in Talasari (Thane District) He is 18 years and an exceptional athlete having completed the Thane-Hirandani half marathon in 1hr 22 min. He needs our support to reach the next level of marathon running. RajshriPagi is a Jesuit alumnus from Gnanmata School, Uplat (Thane District) She is currently a trainee nurse at JJ Hospital and continues to be a trainee as she cannot raise funds to pay for the B.Sc. nursing program. Can we support Rajshri?

Sugandha Pachalkar is an alumnus of Gnanmata English School, Uplat, Patilpada. She has completed 12 th std exam with 56%. She also appeared for CET exams and passed. She is looking to do her B.Sc. in nursing.


The following educational institutions are represented in JAAB:

  1. Old Campionites Association (OCA)
  2. Xaviers Institute of Education
  3. Boys Academy Past Students Association (BAPSA)
  4. St. Xaviers School (Fort) Alumni Association
  5. St. Xaviers School (Nashik) Alumni Association
  6. St. Xaviers College Alumni Association
  7. St. Mary’s (SSC) Alumni Association
  8. St. Mary’s (ICSE) Alumni Association
  9. Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC)
  10. Xavier Institute of Management & Research (XIMR)
  11. Xavier’s Institute of Engineering (XIE)
  12. St. Stanislaus Ex-students Association (SSESA)
  13. Holy Family Ex-students Association (HyFyXs)
  14. Gnanmata School (Talasari) Alumni Association
  15. Gnanmata School (Uplat) Alumni Association