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TOXA Nite 2011 - St.Xavier's College Alumni Cultural Evening

The Old Xavierite Association first started with TOXA Nite in 2009, with an aim to provide platform for alumni to perform at college, the same way the did it during the college culfest in their tenure. The audience would be none other than their classmates, batchmates, seniors, juniors, teachers, college staff and their families. With this motive, TOXA Nite 2011 was organized on Christmas eve, which saw more than 30 alumnis who were auditioned, and finally 18 got to perform that evening.

The highlight of evening was Retired Prof. Varis Alvi's play "Neerav Chandi Nu Ghuvad" which was once amongst the favorite play of Xavierites, return after a gap of 20 years. The participation was made by people from batch of 1960's to the recent ones. The cultural evening was graced by more than 500 Ex-Xavierites across the batches. The main performances were singing, dances, mimicry, band play, followed by a Christmas carol before each bid farewell.

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