APX participates in Sports Day 2016

The St. Xavier's High School Loyola hall hosted its 82nd Sports Day on Sunday, 4th December 2016. The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) took past in the march past, cycle race, 100 meters dash and also gave away the medals and certificates. After the meet, the management and Principal ( also the ex officio APX Chairman and Gujarat Province Coordinator ) Fr Charles invited the APX members for refreshments with the staff and referees and this was also a bonding exercise between the collaborators of the institute. Incidentally Fr Charles is also the ex officio Chairman of JAAG and is a dynamic leader instrumental in making Gujarat Province a strong and united unit in JAAI and society at large, both he and Fr Durai ( imm past PCA ) are responsible for these activities and bonding across Jesuit institutes in Gujarat.

APX Garba 2016

The Association of Past Xavierites ( APX ) , organised the garba at the St Xavier's High School Loyola Hall on Saturday, 1 Oct 2016.

The 10000 plus crowd included students , staff, alumni/ae, management, fiends and guests. The revelry began at 7 pm with the students taking part in competitions and then from 8.30 pm it was open to all revellers.

This is a huge event where APX takes care of all financial arrangements, the students are given free entry as also the staff and each member is also given 2 free passes, an apt way to celebrate Navratri/Durga Pooja, and also kudos to the management for supporting and celebrating all festivals on the campus.

Many Gujarat Province associations have planned such programs and a JAAG meeting is also scheduled on Dasshera day in Surat followed by the traditional Garba. Wishing all a happy and peaceful Navratri/ Durga Pooja.

APX v School football

APX versus school team, football match was practice time for the school team for the Times Claris 20-20 tournament , APX supports the school in its sports venture and progress. Match started at 8 am sharp.

The Association of Past Xavierites, APX played a practice match vs the school team and present were students of the school, management, staff and alumnus, another bonding exercise between all stakeholders of the institute.